Infusion for CannaButter

Amount of CannaButter Produced

THC|CBD in CannaButter

Cooking and Baking with CannaButter

THC|CBD per Serving

Measurement Chart

Butter Grams Tablespoons Oil Grams Tablespoons
1 Stick 113.4 8 1 cup 219.55 16
1 cup 226.8 16 ¾ cup 164.67 12
¾ cup 170.1 12 ½ cup 109.78 8
½ cup 113.4 8 ¼ cup 54.89 4
¼ cup 56.7 4 1 Tablespoon 13.72 1
1 Tablespoon 14.18 1 1 fluid ounce 27.44 2

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This calculator is for educational purposes only and can help you estimate the number of milligrams of THC and or CBD in your recipe, provided you input accurate information into the input fields. Always use tested Cannabis when making your own butter or oil. Ask the dispensary or cultivator that you are procuring your Cannabis from for test results, for both potency, and also for pesticides and microbiological contaminants like mold and bacteria. If you don't have access to a testing lab or Cannabis that has been tested, you can roughly determine the potency of your butter by estimating it's starting potency. Although estimating it by its visual appearance is hardly fool-proof, buds that are thick, sticky, and frosty (many trichomes present) can be anywhere from 15-27%THC. A lot of Cannabis grown outdoors will test slightly lower, as they won't necessarily contain as many THC-rich trichomes. These could be estimated anywhere from 10-20% depending on factors like sun exposure, exposure to the elements, and strain genetics.

If possible, it is recommended that you test your butter after making it to ensure that you've processed it correctly, and haven't experienced major losses in THC. CW Analytical offers discounted testing to individual patients looking to test their personal-use medicine. If you are outside of CA, contact your local lab to see if they offer patient discounts.